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screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-9-49-42-amNight at the Mall
By: Emma

One dark Halloween night, Ella and I were trick or treating at the mall. Ella is my best friend. She is also my bravest friend. She is just like me. She loves candy. That’s why we always go to the mall because all of the candy was there. As we headed to the mall, Ella said, “Hey! We should go to the big part of the mall first.” I thought we shouldn’t because it was always so crowed there. But, I was too late. She was already pulling me in that direction. When we got there, I was right. It was crowded. I ran into my family and my mom told me that I had to watch my brother Ethan. This wasn’t so bad but he would slow us down and with the crowds we would have to keep an extra eye on him. He loved to run off. Before I could even say hello to him, Ella was pulling me to the first candy spot. “Wait! My brother!” I yelled. But before I could get him he was gone.

“Ella, wait we need to find my brother,” I yelled. “Your brother? I don’t see your brother,” replied Ella. “Yah that’s the point. We need to find him!Ella, candy needs to wait!” I said. “Alright, let’s yell for him,” Ella suggested. “Ethan! Ethan!” I yelled. “It didn’t work. How about looking for him?” Ella said. We needed a new idea, and we needed quickly. Have you ever lost a 5 year old? They get into trouble. “If we don’t find him soon, he’ll probably take all the toys from the Disney Store,” I said to Ella. “Yeah, he loves the Disney Store. I mean he would live there if your parents would let him,” Ella said. “Wait, he is probably there!” we yelled at the same time. We were right. He was there. He was playing with all the toys.

“You can’t run away from us, Ethan!” I told him. “But I wasn’t hungry. I wanted to play. I don’t like candy,” he whined. “You don’t like candy! That’s crazy!” Ella yelled. “Hey guys!” my parents said. “You guys get a lot of candy?” my mom asked. “No!” Ella pouted. At that moment, the Disney Store manager walked out and handed us a big bag of candy. “Here you go. Thanks for cleaning up the store for us, Ethan,” the manager said. “You’re welcome,” replied Ethan. “You guys cleaned instead of trick or treating. You guys hate cleaning,” mom and dad said. “Well, it’s a long story,” I told them. “Yeah, a long story with a really happy ending. Candy! Candy! Candy!” Ella yelled.

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My Favorite Vacation


Have you ever been to Myrtle Beach?   I have.  I went with my family.   We went for five days, and  it was Halloween.  It was really awesome and incredible.

First, we got a delicious  breakfast so we could walk on the beach.  We were the only ones there. It was like it was our own.  Then, we got our swimsuit on and went to the pool.  It was so fun.  Finally, we went to the Pirate Show. It was  really entertaining and loud.

My trip to Myrtle Beach was amazing. I really hope I can go there again.  Good news, I am going there next summer. Every time I think of Myrtle Beach, I can hear the waves. Are you going to go to Myrtle Beach? screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-11-35-31-am



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By: Emma

Have you ever been trick or treating?  I have. I went with my family.  We did it  for one night.  We also trick or treated in our neighborhood.  It was fun.

First, we got dressed and put our candy on the front porch.  It was a lot of candy!  Then, we headed to our next door neighbor’s house, and they gave us two pieces of candy.  It was a Jolly Rancher and a Whopper.  Finally, we went back to our house and looked at our candy.  We had so much candy.

Trick or treating is awesome!  I love that fall is so close!  Good news, I am going trick or treating again!  Every time I think of Halloween, I can taste candy. Are you going trick or treating?

My New Blog


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Hello my name is Emma, and I am really excited about getting a new blog.  I got it because I had good behavior and good grades.

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